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Is it important that RSS thing for us the users?
by: Chen Zarza
Before starting out and decide if this "thing" is useful, we need to get some meaning and grab some light, let us take a look: RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summery”, Does it tell you something interesting ? I doubt it, then here we got nothing...

And guess what?... Don't Panic... RSS is a new format to display information coming from content-rich-sites (at least this is what you hear), the truth is, they can be any kind of sites that You decide to walk around.

But here is the most important thing... it doesn't matter what RSS is, the unanswered questions you have in your mind could be : how can I be sure this new technology is valuable for me, the end user?

Actually the only way to know is to make available this information installing a feed reader, it works like a browser where you can choose the content to look at: Go to your preferred search engine and key in "feed reader", get a free one, give it a try, who knows it can be the new way you can get information from the IT world.

Let me explain in a few words how this works.

The publisher, marketer, webmaster, or any group or individual that want to communicate with you using this technology create a channel or feed in their web site, when the feed is on and you are subscribed to that specific channel your computer detects modifications, and get the updated data, this is the feed reader work that previously you installed in your computer, the feed reader is a RSS aware program that reacts to information changes.

I will tell You something extra on feed reader technology
RSS aggregators (other name for feed readers) are special browsers that display content to final users, the most common are the ones you can install in your desktop and the ones that you integrate in your website.

Desktop Reader: download it to your computer, and install it. Look for sites of your interest, check whether they are delivering content in RSS format, subscribe, and you are ready, from now on every time there is new content in the feed you'll be notified automatically.
Website Integration: Create an account with a website that offers aggregation web services, and your website can see RSS content directly from their website.

RSS is changing the way to search for information, don't look for it, RSS puts it in your computer.

You are going to see more websites with valuable content... You are the winner!.
In order to clarify.. carry these simple steps out:

Download RSS feed reader
Install it
Go to your favorite website and look for Xml/RSS orange button (its the common one, it can be different), copy that address and paste it in your feed reader.... you are subscribed.

These aggregators are popular in the weblogging community and some other advertisers have started to move toward this technology that promises to maintain users with the last news and information in general.

Do you love information?, then for sure you surf hours every single day on internet looking for the last updates... don't waste your time!, here you have the answer: RSS technology.

But there are still two things that you are going to love ......

Subscribing - Your personal information is not required, only add your feed to Your online or desktop RSS reader and that’s it.

Unsubscribing – Stop receiving messages, any time by simply deleting the feed from your RSS reader. Simple as that!

You have the control!.

About the author:
C Zarza
Webmaster and Project leader,
20+ experience in the information technology world,
He has developed financial system for several years
Background: Databases, Web , Finances

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